eCommBook is the combined brainchild of Family Lawyer Shawn Brown and IT Professional Michael Kaminski. Shawn, seeing a real need for a better tool to assist in co-parenting, approached Michael to help realise that idea. eCommBook has expanded its range of tools to include those things integral to co-parenting and being a part of your childrens lives. eCommBook will continue to grow to include ideas and comments from feedback from the most important people, you its users. eCommBook is available in over 270 countries worldwide so we are sure we will contine to see some great ideas coming from all those users.

Shawn Brown has worked in the legal industry for overy twenty years and has practiced as both a Solicitor and as a Barrister across a wide range of filelds. While appearing as Counsel in the Famly Court in contested Family Law cases as a Barrister serveral years ago, Shawn started thinking about the role technolgy could play in assisting sepearted familys communicate. Shawn contuned developing this idea, and through his work in Family Law and Domestic Violence, Shawn became committed to seeing a platform built, that could serve to assist separated parents maintain a meaningful relationship with their children, while mitigating against the risks of domestic violence. In late 2016 Shawn and Michael Kaminski started colaborating togeather – eCommBook is a reflection of two experienced professionals working together to create a platform that will assist many Families.

Michael Kaminski has working with location based technology for the better part of 2 decades across government and private enterprise around the world. Michael, having been through a separation with his eldest son and the subsequent relocation to the other side of the world, understands many of the challenges that face parents when trying to stay abreast of their childs activities and lives. Whilst Michael is thankful for the relative ease of his separation, he fully understands the emotional impact it can have on families and is driven to provide the tools to help assist people through the challenges of being away from their children, whether it be through separation or working away.

"My goal is to help all parents have meaningful relationships with their children, regardless of their circumstances"

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