Where we came from

eCommBook is the combined brainchild of Shawn Brown and Michael Kaminski. Discussions around the building of eCommBook started as a basic messaging application. However these discussions soon morphed into a much more all encompassing platform to assist seperating or seperated families to commuicate securely and effectively.

The first step in doing this was making the decision that the platform wasnt going to be a messaging application, as silly as this sounds, there is a big distinction between messaging and effective communication. Keeping in mind to goals of the platform, enabling safe and effective communication, we included calendars, photo and document sharing, diaries, medical, school and activity information.

As the platform developed and we received feedback from users, we added a computer based learning algorithm to essentially eliminate inappropriate, derogatory or abusive communications. The next release will include financial tracking to help keep track of shared payments. We are dedicated to continued improvement and listening to our users about future functionality.

Our Team

Shawn Brown


Shawn has 20 years of experience as a legal practitioner across Australia in a variety of industries. Based in Tropical North Queensland, Shawn is the Australian face of eCommBook

Michael Kaminski


Michael has nearly 20 years experience in the use of geospatial (location based) technology solutions around the world. Based in North America, Michael is the global contact point

Media Manager

Social Media and Marketing

We are currently looking for a dedicated, self starter to take over the social media and marketing.

Admin Team


Our dedicated global administration team are there 24/7 to help with any technical problems or questions you might have.