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Making Communication Easy

Our goal at eCommBook is to help families communicate better. With that in mind we are committed to providing tools to:

  • Mitigate against domestic violence
  • Help in maintaining meaningful relationships

Try it out, stress free, on us

Less Stress. Better, Safer Co-Parenting

eCommBook is the easiest way for you to communicate with and about your children

  • One account for the whole family
  • Calendars
  • Individual Diary
  • Photo/Document upload

Stop Abusive or Inappropriate Communication

Our platform warns users if their communication might be inappropriate before sending and gives them the chance to change it. Potentially inappropriate language is redacted, allowing the viewer to see the message without the inappropriate content by default until they decide to see the full text

Stop Using SMS

Securely send and receive messages via eCommBook. You never need to loose a message again, really!

  • All communications are stored securely
  • Elliminate abusive messages

Easily Export your content

Stop mucking around printing reams and reams of emails and SMS! Export all your messages and diary entries to a single pdf.

Helping Families Communicate Better

eCommBook provides all the tools to help make communication safe and effective for the whole family during a time when effective communication is hardest.


For the cost of a coffee each month you get:

  • Access for the whole family
  • Peace of mind
  • Safe and secure communication

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