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"You sort of think, this is so natural, why didn't someone come up with something like this before?"

Pauline Woodbridge, Townsville Domestic Violence Resource Center

"a legitimate platform that facilitates effective communication between separated spouses"

Karina Ralston

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Your information is safe with us. From the time you hit send, everything you add to your account is encrypted using custom built industry leading data security.


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Send safe, secure messages

Send secure messages to individual account members with defined subjects around raising and caring for your family where not everyone is around all the time

Whether you have a separated or blended family, if one or both of you work away or you just don't speak to family members, eCommBook is designed to help make communication easy and facilitate meaningful relationships with your children.


Pick up times and dates, Sporting events, birthday parties. Add them all here and share with the people in your account.

Do you struggle to remember when and where pick ups are? Dont remember what your child or children are doing and when?

Add dates for any kind of event to your calendar and share with the account users to let you and them kn ow where and when important things are happening

Photo and Document Sharing

Share photos and documents securely with anyone or everyone in your account

Being up to date on what is happening in your child or childrens lives goes a long way to helping you be able to have conversations with them and helping to build and maintain a meaningful relationship even when you are separated for periods of time.

Share photos of your childrens brightest moments and achievements. Share school reports, legal documents and anything else that will help your family through being separated.

Stop Abusive or Inappropriate Communication

eCommBook shields users from the devastating effects of abbusive and inappropriate communication

eCommBook is committed to providing a safe and secure platform that allows peopole to communicate without the risk of abbuse.

Our platform recognises over 4000 potentially abusive or inappropriate words and phrases, warns the sender before a message is sent, giving them the opportunity to edit the message before sending.

If potentially inappropriate content is sent, it is blocked and replaced with an emoji. The content is saved and available to view, only if the user wants to.



Keep your own secure diary of events, thoughts and feelings.

Your diary is personal, only you have access to read what it contains, only you can add to it.

This diary lets you record information about anything, allowing you to have a safe, secure record of your version of events or of your thoughts and feelings.

Child Information

What school does your child attend? What activities do they do outside of school? Do they have medical conditions? It can all be stored here, making it simple to keep up to date.

Do you know if your child has an urgent appointment or medical condition? More importantly does the person who is looking after them right now know? Do you know when there outside of school activities are on? Training, rehearsals, when and where?

All of this vital information helps to make you a meaningful part of your child or childrens lives and may well save their life.

Easy Export

Easily export all content from your account if the worst should happen and your situation degrades

Don't turn up at a solicitor with pieces of scrap paper or shoe boxes full of receipts. Save yourself time, stress and money by being able to export all of your content to a single pdf document.

Finance Management

Manage joint costs easily and transparently

Having trouble agreeing about who paid for what or when?

eCommBook can help by breaking down spending into to categories and easily viewbale in a simple dashboard by week, month or year.

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